v., n., & int.
1 tr. (also absol.) a examine the accuracy, quality, or condition of. b (often foll. by that + clause) make sure; verify; establish to one's satisfaction (checked that the doors were locked; checked the train times).
2 tr. a stop or slow the motion of; curb, restrain (progress was checked by bad weather). b colloq. find fault with; rebuke.
3 tr. Chess move a piece into a position that directly threatens (the opposing king).
4 intr. US agree or correspond when compared.
5 tr. US mark with a tick etc.
6 tr. US deposit (luggage etc.) for storage or dispatch.
7 intr. (of hounds) pause to ensure or regain scent.
1 a means or act of testing or ensuring accuracy, quality, satisfactory condition, etc.
2 a a stopping or slowing of motion; a restraint on action. b a rebuff or rebuke. c a person or thing that restrains.
3 Chess (also as int.) a the exposure of a king to direct attack from an opposing piece. b an announcement of this by the attacking player.
4 US a bill in a restaurant.
5 esp. US a token of identification for left luggage etc.
6 US Cards a counter used in various games.
7 a temporary loss of the scent in hunting.
8 a crack or flaw in timber.
—int. US expressing assent or agreement.
Phrases and idioms:
check in
1 arrive or register at a hotel, airport, etc.
2 record the arrival of. check-in n. the act or place of checking in. check into register one's arrival at (a hotel etc.). check-list a list for reference and verification. check-nut = lock-nut. check off mark on a list etc. as having been examined or dealt with. check on examine carefully or in detail; ascertain the truth about; keep a watch on (a person, work done, etc.).
check out
1 (often foll. by of) leave a hotel etc. with due formalities.
2 US investigate; examine for authenticity or suitability. check over examine for errors; verify. check-rein a rein attaching one horse's rein to another's bit, or preventing a horse from lowering its head. check through inspect or examine exhaustively; verify successive items of. check up ascertain, verify, make sure. check-up n. a thorough (esp. medical) examination. check up on = check on. check-valve a valve allowing flow in one direction only. in check under control, restrained.
checkable adj.
Etymology: ME f. OF eschequier play chess, give check to, and OF eschec, ult. f. Pers. sah king
1 a pattern of small squares.
2 fabric having this pattern.
Etymology: ME, prob. f. CHEQUER
US var. of CHEQUE.

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